Study abroad offers

A semester or year spent abroad, as an exchange student, is gradually becoming a common part of university studies. A growing number of students are using study abroad opportunities to expand their experiences and knowledge. Seize the opportunity and make your studies international!
Please see the competition information and application deadlines.

25 May – 29 May

Deadline Competition

He.La.S Summer Program 2020 (the programme is fee-based): The Greek Language Distance Learning Program
HSE Summer University (the programmes are fee-based): Online Summer University at HSE (Russia)

16 March – 20 March

Deadline     Competition

Summer School 2020 (the programmes are fee-based): Delightful Istanbul

10 February – 14 February

Deadline     Competition

The University of Pisa Summer School (the programmes are fee-based):
Summer School in Paris (the programmes are fee-based):